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    A fan favourite – Steeplechase is a thrilling three tracked Horse Racing rollercoaster, it is a custom design made by Arrow Dynamics.

    These highly detailed 3D ride models are sensitive recreations of the Horse ride cars you would be strapped to on the ride.

    Choose between 1 of 3 different designs:

    • White Horse
    • Grey Horse
    • Brown Horse

    Each Horse comes on its own classic red, green or yellow ride track. There is a very limited stock of 10 models of each horse available.

    Important – please read BPB copyright information detailed below

    *Important – please read* Decommissioned Goods should not be used for any commercial purpose. For commercial enquiries please contact Blackpool Pleasure Beach directly via our contact us portal. Any unauthorised use of Blackpool Pleasure Beach copyright and trademarks is an infringement of Blackpool Pleasure Beach for BPB’s intellectual property and may lead to legal action and other remedies permitted under the Trade Marks Act 1994 and the Copyright Design and Patents Act 1988.


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